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    Mikey the beagle is our little blessing.  Our son Adam found this little guy at a local shelter.  He immediately fell in love with the little dog and just had to have him.  It took several visits with our pit bull before they would allow Adam to adopt him.  Mikey was a nervous 2 year old with loads of anxiety.  He had some behavior issues to work on, but nothing would stop Adam from loving him.  Adam soon had Mikey in the canoe with him, and he brought him every where.

    Only 2 months later, Adam made the decision to end his own life.  We were simply devastated after losing our son and what would we do with his dog?  We made the decision to keep him, as he seemed to represent Adam in some way.  What joy this naughty little pup has brought us over the years!  We love this little guy even when he poops in the house, or tears apart the magazines, or chews on the furniture.  He has settled down and has less naughty episodes, but he is our boy, and we love him so very much!


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