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A community of suicide survivors supporting other suicide survivors. Hear our mission, vision and story. Get information and visit our resources page to learn about all the wonderful organizations out there providing support. And get involved to help to increase awareness about suicide and suicide prevention.

Our mission is to offer the opportunity to bring peace and joy back to the lives of those who have experienced such a tragic event. We are excited to provide a peer support forum for sharing your personal story – we believe through sharing, survivors will know they are not alone in their journey to heal. Join our Survivor Stories forum today to get involved – create a topic relating to a specific forum or respond to another survivor’s topic.

Other forums you can participate in include:

A Pets Place in Peace

Getting Involved

Live Life and Live

Military Survivor Stories

Navigating Grief

Special Occasions and Holidays

And coming soon! The Live Life and Live Memorial Wall will be a way to remember a loved one – a more personal way to keep them in our memory.

It is coming up on 5 years since we experienced a personal tragedy – a tragedy that has a daily reminder of how much someone close to us suddenly was not there. We miss the smile, the personality, the kind heart. In our situation, a parent is supposed to teach, guide and protect their children forever; not miss them forever. We have good days and bad days, but we grow stronger every day by the choices we make, the things we do to be kind to ourselves and others, and the actions we take to help others. This is one action we decided to take – to create a community of hope for us all!

Join our community today to share your experience or to participate in a conversation that may just provide a bit of peace, hope or joy to your suicide survival journey!

Don’t see a forum of interest? Share your ideas for forum topics below.

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